Don Barnhart, David Ryan, Erin O'Connor & Guy Fessenden

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Don Barnhart, David Ryan, Erin O'Connor & Guy Fessenden

with Erin O’Conner , David Ryan and Guy Fessenden

"Don Barnhart is hysterically funny, delivering his well-written topical material with an animated and improvisational flair that's not to be missed. He is a refreshing voice in the standup genre, mixing a blend of sharp, topical insights about our life and the world around us, pushing the boundaries of PC culture without being overtly offensive. Barnhart has often been compared to the sharp, witty insights of George Carlin with the animated expressions of Jim Carey."

Barnhart's Dry Bar Comedy Special The Obese Police" is blowing up the internet, going viral. "If you enjoy quick witted comedy and hilarious scenarios then you're going to love this Dry Bar Comedy Special from Don Barnhart," said the producer of Dry Bar Comedy. Although Don Barnhart's Dry Bar Special is family friendly and safe for all audiences when Barnhart hits the stage, he doesn't hold back and takes the audience to a whole new level.

"If you're easily offended or have an agenda, you're really missing the point of going to a comedy club and should probably stay at home", says comedian Don Barnhart about his new "Unapologetically Funny" Comedy Tour.

For years, Barnhart has split his time touring the country headlining at the top comedy clubs, overseas entertaining the troops, performing for colleges and cruise ships. "Having a residency in Las Vegas has allowed me the freedom to really let loose and not hold back. It's times like these that we need the healing power and humor of comedy", said Barnhart in a recent interview.

Barnhart is the author of the Amazon Best Seller, Finding Your Funny exploring the art, science and business of standup comedy. With a humorous and heartfelt forward by Comedy Legend George Wallace, Finding Your Funny goes beyond Barnhart’s own 25-year journey and shares the brutal, often overlooked experience and advice of other comedians, entertainers, managers, agents and bookers. The book includes a no holds barred assessment about what clubs, venues and agents are actually looking for as well as many of the things you need to do and avoid if you’re looking into making comedy a career.

Don's newest book, Rock Bottom is the story of Returning Veteran Guy Derek who comes home from the war only to find out his wife has left him, his house is foreclosed and ends up homeless. Using his wit and humor Guy finds his way back becoming the Robin Hood of the disenfranchised. The book is getting great reviews and is being turned into a feature film. He is also the director/producer/star of the upcoming Delirious TV - The Late Night Comedy Show that doesn't hold back available on CW Las Vegas, Nationwide and on Amazon Prime and and more. Don is an executive producer and appears in the new Jamie Kennedy Film, Don't Suck.

Since 1992, Don has been producing and performing comedy shows for the troops and is one of the stars of Jordan Brady's documentary I Am Battle Comic exploring the importance of entertaining the troops around the world. Barnhart also stars in Finding The Funny with Brad Garret and Louie Anderson and plays a rather disgruntled, road weary and carefree comedian in the upcoming comedy film, Tribute To Fluffy. Don can also be seen playing a psychotic mad man in the new web series Max Justice.

Barnhart stated, "At our comedy club, we allow our comedians the freedom to use their gift of humor to shine light on subjects that might be too sensitive for the easily offended. It's not about being dirty, but about taking on subjects we need and should be talking about. All are welcome but remember, this is a Comedy Club so leave your inhibitions at the door, stop taking life so seriously and let's enjoy some laughter at the absurdity of life."

Barnhart has been seen on MTV, Star Search, and Evening At The Improv and has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Barnhart is a Bob and Tom Show favorite and his comedy CD, I’m Not Just Eye Candy can be heard frequently on the comedy channels on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio. In 2015,

In 2018, Don's Jokesters Comedy Club won the Best of Las Vegas Silver Award for best comedy club category. Recently, Mayor Goodman of Las Vegas proclaims August 31, 2019 as Jokesters Comedy Club Day on the anniversary for its 1,000th show and congratulations him on this milestone!

Don Barnhart is also the producer/owner of Jokesters Comedy Club and The Aloha Ha Comedy Club in Hawaii. In his off time Don Barnhart teaches stand up, improv and comedy writing at The Las Vegas Comedy Institute.

Erin O’Conner

Comedian/Writer/Actress Erin O’Connor told her first joke for money in San Francisco 28 years ago and became addicted. She abandoned her career as an Advertising Copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather and hit the road. Her travels as a road comic took her to 41 states and eight countries: Japan, Korea, Germany, England, Denmark, Scotland and Canada. And during her travels, she fell in love with food.

In 1992 she married comedian Bob Zany and cut back on road work, allowing time for another passion, acting. Favorite jobs include a recurring role on In Living Color, a pilot co-starring her comedy idols Fred Willard and Martin Mull (just the three of them…improvising!!!!) and a quick but memorable flash as the Crazy Cat Lady (speaking of type-casting) in Green Day’s award-winning music video, Time of Your Life.

Over the last two years, Erin’s love of animals prompted her to once again ditch meat entirely and attempt to cut out dairy and eggs. The result was her 100 Day Vegan Challenge, designed to put a New Face on an Old Vegana. Can a part-time animal product-free lifestyle improve your health and dispel the myth of the beastly, hairy, Croc-wearing vegan once and for all? Follow her often hilarious, but determined ride and find out. (On FaceBook The Vegana Monologs and twitter @VeganaMonologs)

Why a monolog you ask? Because Erin has never required another person to carry on a conversation.

Currently, Erin and her husband co-host The Bob Zany Show with Erin O’Connor podcast, sitting down for thirty minutes of serious with comedians. Guests include The Unknown Comic, Last Comic Standing winner Alonzo Bodden and Teen Wolf Coach/Dream Boat Orny Adams. Erin is also tip-toeing back into stand up and working on a metaphysical fairy tale for kids, “Henry David the Rottweiler,” as well as a line of vegan dog treats.
Erin and Bob share their San Fernando Valley home with Rottweiler mix Henry, Dalmatian mix Frankie and five formerly feral felines. Spare time is filled with animal rescue, spay/neuter activism, The San Francisco Giants, cooking, movies, Jeopardy, the Pacific Ocean and lots of churchy stuff.

David Ryan

The Master of Disaster, David Ryan is one of the funniest comics to come out of Las Vegas in a long time. "David's comedy stems from real life and his distorted view on his own shortcomings is something we can all relate to."

Guy Fessenden

“Clever, sarcastic and enlightening” are what audiences are saying about Las Vegas based comedian Guy Fessenden. His comedy deals with the everyday challenges that we experience in our lives with a humorous and positive outlook.

Following a very difficult period of helping some of his children deal with a significant mental health disability, Guy felt overwhelmed by the sadness of seeing his children and family in pain, as well as the challenges that one sees in psychiatric hospitals. In a recent interview, Guy said, “After 20 years of watching and experiencing some of the most painful parts of life, I would like to put a little humor back into the world”.

Fessenden is a regular performer in Las Vegas and periodically tours the country. In addition, he provides motivational speeches about overcoming obstacles and the importance of remaining positive through all of challenges that we experience in our lives. Furthermore, Guy and his wife, Stephanie, run a not-for-profit agency based in New York that help thousands of people with mental and physical disabilities to connect to housing, benefits, legal and medical services.

Guy Fessenden has spent most of his life as a father and entrepreneur. It wasn’t till a later stage in life, once the things that one “has” to do were taking less time, he pursued the things that he “wanted” to do, specifically comedy and motivational speaking. When he’s not on tour, you can catch him perform regularly as the house emcee at Delirious Comedy Club in Las Vegas.